1st CEAS European Air and Space Conference


QPAC is invited to give a speech at the 1st CEAS (Council of the European Aerospace Societies) European Air & Space Conference and Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2007 on September 12th, in Berlin.

“Century Perspective” will be the theme of 2007 Congress in Berlin. Within that topic, Torsten Liesk and Oliver Zysk in cooperation with Prof. Granzeier from the Hamburg University of Applied Science are going to present the R&D Project “Cabin Electrical Installation for VELA2 Blended Wing Body aircraft”. 

The concept which will be introduced, provides a possible solution that allows flexible installation of the electrical harnesses to supply the cabin equipment and enables quick adaptation to individual cabin layouts.

The current version of the program is available on http://www.ceas2007.org/programme.php

We are looking forward to see you on September 12th 2007 and to discuss with you scientific and technical areas.


More Information:

HAW: AC 20.30 Blended-Wing-Body Student Project