TU Dresden Simulator

The Airbus A320 and A350 X-plane simulator plugins were developed by QPAC under the project “Alternative Fuels – Applications of Liquefied Oil Gas (LOG) in Aviation” conducted under a Russian/Berlin-Brandenburg collaboration funded by ZAB - ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg (Brandenburg Economic Development Board). The simulator is used to test and validate newly developed hardware in a “hardware in virtual loop” configuration. The hardware tested under this project was a Fuel Cell based Emergency Power System (EPS) developed by QPAC in collaboration with balticFuelCells GmbH as a next-gen replacement for conventional EPS – the Ram Air Turbine (RAT). This system and simulation was displayed at the 2014 H2 Expo in Hamburg.

During the last three years, The A320 simulator at the chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics at Dresden University was extended from a former procedure trainer to a fully functioning Flight Training Device (FTD) based on the X-Plane 10 simulation software.

The hardware set up is a combination of ecaFAROS and Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) components and includes all control, input and output devices. The FAA-certified software from Laminar is used for the simulation environment and extended by a highly detailed model of the Airbus A320, including avionics systems, flight management and guidance system (FMGCS) as well as hydraulic and electric bus systems. The model has been made available to the Chair by QPAC as part of a cooperation agreement including the model source code, providing the chair with the opportunity to make any desired adjustments to a specific aircraft system in the context of research and development.

Thus, the system is in a constant evolution. The simulator is designed as a fixed-based flight training device (FTD) and serves as a highly potential resource for the research in the field of Trajectory Management, Airport Management and Safety Assessment carriedout by the chair and furthermore suitable for courses, trainings and demonstrations.

QPAC A320 Sim at TU Dresden (German TV coverage)