Sustainable management and corporate social responsibility are among QPAC’s fundamental values. We are convinced that acting in a sustainability-oriented and responsible manner opens QPAC to change and will strengthen its future viability. We therefore consider sustainable management to be an important development task. Academics with MINT qualifications (mathematics, IT, natural sciences, technology) as technology experts are in high demand in German companies. QPAC targets at young talents with several activities:

Girls' Day

Every year technical enterprises, enterprises with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities, and research centres are organising an open day for girls (and meanwhile boys). Girls' Day – 'Future Prospects for Girls' initiated a large campaign in which a wide range of professions and activities is presented to girls of 10 years upwards. The vocational choices of girls and pupils in general are influenced in a very positive way. For most companies, Girls’ Day has evolved as an important instrument for their recruitment policy.

In 2015 QPAC did participate for the 5th time in a row. Some impressions are available online at our Facebook site.


Posted by QPAC on Monday, May 18, 2015

Learn to Fly project at Raha International School in Abu Dhabi 

Learn to Fly is a project created by Juan Pablo Alvarez, an IB DP grade 11 student at Raha International School, Abu Dhabi. The goal of the project is to teach students how to fly a short sector in a computer based Airbus A320, a professional version for X-Plane, provided in sponsorship by QPAC. Along with teaching students how to fly the plane, they are given the opportunity to learn about the world of aviation as a preparation for their professional future, regarding flight-schools and working opportunities.

Occupational Orientation

QPAC is involved in several project with secondary schools in the Hamburg and Berlin/Brandenburg area:


Interview with Dario from Sophie Barat Gymnasium, Hamburg, who made a three week internship at QPAC:

Student Internship

Why did you choose QPAC to make an internship?

Dario: I chose QPAC for my internship, because I am interested in electric and technology and QPAC is just the right Company to learn more about that. QPAC is a mid-sized company operating in the aerospace, rail and energy industry so there are many interesting tasks/Projects for an internship. QPAC engineers create a lot in 3D with different programs, that and all the other aspects like making your own electricity or fixing an old robot arm, is what makes QPAC so interesting, that´s why I started my internship there.

How was your first day and what have you done on the first day?

Dario: My first day was very exciting. I met a lot of very nice people. I was introduced into electrics and one of the trainees and a colleague showed and told me what to expect for the next three weeks. It was very cool to work with one of the trainees, because we were nearly of the same age. We had a lot of fun and the day was running so fast. I couldn´t believe that at the end of the day I already learned so much.

And the following days?

Student Internship

Dario: During the following days, I’ve done some tasks in electronics. We also started a bigger project that was about repairing a robot arm, which was built to show people how to program something. This was very exciting and with this project I learned a lot about electronics, and also some physics. The robot arm was not working at all when it got here and it was mine and the trainee’s task to fix it. So we had to find out what was broken and how we can get it fixed. I had much fun on this project, because there was a lot of space for our own ideas and we were free to try out a lot of things. In my second working week they showed me how to work with air pressure. For that we build a little “test bench”, for which we also enjoyed any freedom. Also this was a lot of fun.

So you learned a lot about electric and technology?

Student Internship

Dario: I really learned a lot about technology and electrics. And as I said before we had the freedom to try out a lot by ourselves, and to identify problems and solve them! But it was not just electrics and technology I learned. We also build a control pad from wood, so we needed to work with the saw and other stuff – really a lot of different opportunities. In my last week I finished my major project “robot arm”, which was leftover from the first week. One very important and good point was that I had different tasks to do every day. There was really no time being bored. 

What is your resume of your three weeks at QPAC?

Dario: In those three weeks I learned so much about how it is to work in a company environment and also how to deal with electronics, air pressure and other interesting issues. It was a good experience and I can really recommend “Quality Park” to other students, which are interested in technology and electronics, because it´s a lot of fun, very nice colleagues, interesting projects and, they will be taking care of you. If I had the chance I would do a second internship at QPAC, or maybe start my professional career with the company.