2015 Brandenburg Innovation Award

As part of this year's "Cluster Conference Metal" in Brandenburg an der Havel Albrecht Gerber, Minister of Economy and Energy in the Brandenburg, awarded the 10,000 Euro prizes for innovations 2015. One of the three prizes went to QPAC for a joint project with BTU Cottbus Senftenberg, represented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ziegenhorn.

We received the award for our project "Thermal and mechanical testing and inspection of aircraft harness". This topic is becoming increasingly important in the context of weight reduction while increasing safety and comfort.

Electrical systems offer significant advantages over mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems, for example, through greater efficiency, low weight and better system integration and maintenance.

This research focuses on the structural analysis of aircraft electrical harnesses for the 270 VDC network. A combined experimental and simulation-based approach is used, where numerical models for the harnesses are developed and experimental data are acquired for basic test cases (steady load, pendulum test, etc.) as well as for different vibration load cases. Validation of the numerical models is done using the preliminary experimental data, resulting in a mature refined model in order to simulate complex scenarios.


The jury emphasized in particular the innovative nature of the research as well as the cooperation between a Brandenburg University and an internationally active company.