Electrical Design

Electrical Design

QPAC designs, develops and produces electrical harnesses, shelves and bays for aircraft, engines and applications involving harsh environments. QPAC has proven expertise in all aspects of harness engineering design production and testing. Working from customers' specifications, QPAC:

  • Drafts circuit and wiring diagrams
  • Drafts production drawings
  • Prepares installation procedures
  • Produces prototypes
  • Conducts qualification and environmental tests
  • Generates relevant documentation (service bulletins and engineering files)

QPAC uses state-of-the-art CAD tools to draft wiring diagrams and production drawings and prepare installation procedures. These CAD tools interface directly with the company's product data management (PDM), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems and test systems.

In addition QPAC has acquired years of experience as an industry supplier in the area of cabin, customization and installation. Addressing customer needs, QPAC engineers successfully implemented cabin solutions for the A350, A340,  and A330F as well as a variety of layouts for the A380 including Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas Airways, Korean Air, Deutsche Lufthansa, China Southern, Air France and Thai Airways.

A350 XWB

  • Concept & studies for cabin electric
  • System Layout Integration
  • Cabin electric – FLEX concept
  • Cabin system integration
  • PSAM (electrical routing definition)
  • Configuration management
  • Electrical wiring definition
  • Wing Electric
  • Flight Test Instrumentation
  • Stress Calculation
  • Weight Optimization


  • Galleys & Lavatories
  • Crew rest compartments
  • Seats – First, business & eco class
  • Cabin lighting
  • Exit Signs
  • Seat to seat connection
  • Hatrack connection
  • Bonding
  • Electrical raceway design
  • Door Frame electrical wiring
  • Electrical floor path marking system
  • TRS support

A330 Freighter

  • 3D-Design
  • Validation of technical solutions
  • Construction drawings & BOM
  • Installation Support


  • 3D-Design improvements
  • Construction drawings & BOM