Learn to Fly project at Raha International School in Abu Dhabi 

Learn to Fly is a project created by Juan Pablo Alvarez, an IB DP grade 11 student at Raha International School, Abu Dhabi. The goals of the project are to teach students how to fly a short sector in a computer based Airbus A320, a professional version for X-Plane, provided as a sponsorship by QPAC. Along with teaching students how to fly the plane, they are given the opportunity to learn about the world of aviation as a preparation for their professional future, regarding flight-schools, and working opportunities.

 Learn to Fly

The target audience of this project are MYP (IB Middle Years Program) and DP (IB Diploma Program) students at Raha International School, who show an interest in aviation, and would benefit from what this project has to offer to them.

QPAC, being the main sponsor of the project, provided a license of the professional version of the A320 (which helped raise the standard and quality of the simulation, improving the experience of the course students), along with their valuable support to the project. Together with QPAC and X-Plane, Learn to Fly offers a high standard introduction to the field of aviation to the interested students who signed up, and have shown so far a strong interest and passion for what they do in the course.