Panel Discussion: Forum Mittelstand LDS

At the start of event series "SME Forum LDS" Michael Göbel, Managing Director of Regionomica, spoke in front of more than 70 visitors on the importance of soft factors for investors. There was also a lively discussion with Oliver Zysk, General Manager of QualityPark AviationCenter GmbH, Andreas Wolf, Managing Director of Oberon GmbH Fiber Technologies, Lutz Franzke, the mayor of King Wustershausen and Thorsten Golm, head of the office Schönefeld industry and Commerce (IHK) Cottbus. The evening was moderated by Lothar Mahrla, the manager of the MAZ-Regionalverlag Dahmeland-Fläming.

 "In  our decision for Wildau, the soft location factors have had a share of around 30 percent," says Andreas Wolf. The biggest asset was the Technical University in Wildau. "The university offers a photonics, which is very important for our company and will only be four to five times offered in Germany," Wolf said. 

"For me there is a no-image situation," writes Michael Göbel. In most regions in Germany he had a clear image in mind, but not for LDS agreed Thorsten Golm: "There are already some points, such as the A10 Center or Tropical Islands, which are very well perceived."

When the Hamburg entrepreneur Oliver Zysk names the city Wildau as a business location to customers abroad, no one knows this location not until you tell that Wildau belongs to Berlin's commuter belt.