Cooperation with McGill University (Montreal): UAVs for Safety & Security

QPAC engineers are contributing to a three-year research project based at McGill University and sponsored by a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).  The aim of the project is to advance the technology of unmanned lighter-than-air vehicles (airships) for application in safety/security surveillance & monitoring.

Implementing the ALTAV MkII ("almost lighter-than-air") hybrid airship produced by Quanser, an investigation is underway at QPAC Germany to develop a new thruster mounting concept to improve airship performance by providing more rigid thruster mounting with better thrust and moment transfer into the airship hull. The new concept will also facilitate airship handling by allowing for shorter rigging and derigging times.

UAV Automation

Research utilizing an A* pathfinding algorithm for the purpose of reducing the operating workload of flying a UAV

  • Goal of reducing the complexity of the system without reducing situation awareness of the operator
  • Automation system applied during a 2007 Micro UAV flight competition

Aerial Photography / AerialShotz (San Francisco)

  • Implemented a lightweight UAV helicopter mounted with cameras to produce aerial imagery where conventional-sized aircraft are not allowed and/or too cumbersome
  • Active during the 2007 grape growing season in Napa Valley, California and configured for visual and thermal imaging